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My Journey to Holy land and Performing Umrah under new guidelines following the pandemic.

By Faz Patel The information is correct as of today 12th October. During the pandemic, my grandfather and I decided we would go for umrah as soon as travel restrictions


NHS urges South Asians to come forward for life saving checks

A new NHS campaign backed by South Asian healthcare professionals is encouraging people with potential cancer symptoms to come forward for life saving checks.  The ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign


New every mind matters campaign to improve people’s mental health

New campaign launched after half of all adults and almost two-thirds of South Asians in England say pandemic negatively impacted their mental health First campaign launched by the Office for


South Asian people are being asked to donate plasma

It’s a new form of blood donation with donor centres in areas with large south Asian populations.   Plasma makes up most of your blood and it contains antibodies which can fight infections in other people.  


One harmful gambler affects up to 10 family members, friends and work colleagues

Up to 4.3 million people across the country are being impacted by a loved one’s harmful gambling, according to the NHS Northern Gambling Service. The impacts on family and friends


‘Diabetes Tipping Point’ – 1-in-10 living with diabetes by 2030, Diabetes UK warns

Up to 5.5 million adults in the UK – nearly 10 per cent of the projected adult population – will be living with diabetes by 2030, if further action is


Citroen Ami gets greenlit for UK

Previously reviewed on these pages – and you can see my review by scanning the link for the video – the Citroen Ami city EV, previously only sold in Europe,


Mazda MX-5 RF _ Review

Whether you’re a keen young driver, or someone just wishing to get a taste of what traditional sportscars felt like to drive after a diet of tiny front-wheel drive hatchbacks,