2021 Firework displays and bonfire night cancelled by Manchester City Council

2021 Firework displays and bonfire night cancelled by Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council has reluctantly announced that the city’s eight council-organised bonfire and fireworks events will not take place this year.

The decision is based on current government advice that large scale outdoor events with close density crowds should require attendees to prove their Covid status, either that they have been vaccinated or that they have tested negative.

This would require significant extra infrastructure and security to be in place and would make the events unworkable, especially with attendees all arriving and leaving within a concentrated time period.

There is also a distinct possiblity, as Covid-19 infection rates continue to rise locally and nationally, that these sort of Covid-19 passport arrangements could become mandatory.

Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, said:

Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar

“This is not a decision we have taken lightly and I know that many people who look forward to these events will be disappointed, especially when we could not host them last year because of coronavirus restrictions.

“But the health of Manchester people, and the logistical considerations around that, has to come first. Concerns around high Covid infection rates, especially among children and young people who would traditionally make up the bulk of the attendance for this sort of event, also have to be factored in.

“This is not a blanket ban on fireworks events in the city. We would support externally-organised, pre-ticketed events provided they have suitable Covid-management plans in place. But it does mean that we are simply not in the position to host the free, non-ticketed events in our parks.

“We would encourage anyone who is planning to purchase their own fireworks to do so safely and responsibly and, as usual, will be working with partner agencies to help promote safety messages and prevent anti-social behaviour.” Other major cities hosting large-scale fireworks displays have reached similar conclusions. For instance Leeds has not gone ahead with its six park-based events, Nottingham has cancelled its main display and Liverpool will not be having any fireworks at its River of Light event. London has also decided not to go ahead with its New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

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