WALL OF SHAME – help us catch them!

WALL OF SHAME – help us catch them!

Do you know someone standing in the Wall of Shame?

Last week the Council launched a new initiative to tackle fly-tipping, and appeals to residents to share any home or dash-cam CCTV footage to help us catch those illegally dumping rubbish in our borough.

Last year eyesore fly-tipping in the borough cost a staggering £250,000 to clean-up and dispose of, money which could be better spent elsewhere.

New CCTV ‘episodes’ will be uploaded to the Wall of Shame YouTube channel every 28 days, launched in response to resident’s frustrations, allowing anyone to watch footage and identify those involved.

Members of the public are being encouraged to visit the Wall of Shame and help us name those burdening our borough with junk.

You can do this by completing an online form that can be found on the Wall of Shame webpage, hosted on the Council’s website.

As well as identifying culprits from other CCTV footage on the Wall of Shame, residents are able to submit their own evidence.

If you have caught someone fly-tipping on a home security or dash camera, you can submit this footage to the Wall of Shame.

This will then be uploaded, if approved, and other members of the public can help to identify those shamelessly committing waste-crimes in your hometown.

Fly-tipped waste has a direct impact on financial, staffing and equipment resources on already stretched and depleted budgets, whilst causing misery for residents in the neighbourhoods where this is most prevalent.

The Council have already installed a network of 20 CCTV cameras in the hotspot areas for fly-tipping across the borough, to help deter, prevent and prosecute those damaging our environment.

Whether it is fly-tippers, litter-louts or rogue landlords – we’re clamping down on the lot.

Once an offender has been identified, the Council’s waste crime enforcement team will do everything in their power to ensure they are caught and prosecuted.

The team are already working tirelessly to find and prosecute those responsible for blighting our borough – but they can’t continue to do it alone. They really need your help.

Cllr Jim Smith, Executive Member for Environment, said:

“We know the majority of our residents take pride in their areas and are fed-up with the minority who make parts of the borough dirty and unsafe.

We’re investing further in our street-cleaning services and working with our incredible volunteer groups to make sure we’re doing our bit.

We are asking residents to be our eyes and ears to help play their part, so we can tackle and take action against those who do not take pride in where they live.

No one wants a pile of rubbish dumped on their street and some places are getting fly-tipped week in week out. It’s completely unfair on the residents living there”.

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