Lantern Academy named Best Madrassah in the UK for third year running

Lantern Academy named Best Madrassah in the UK for third year running

It’s a hat-trick for Lantern Academy! Best Madrassah in the UK 3 times in a row. 

Lantern Academy is a branch of the Golden Mosque which was founded in 1963 as the first mosque in Rochdale.

Lantern Academy has won another award by the British Beacon Mosque Awards 2022 held at the Marriott Hotel London, known as the Best Madrassah 2022 on Saturday 26th November 2022. 

Lantern academy was shortlisted along with AL-HAYAT CENTRE Southampton, AL-MADANI MASJID Slough, AL-RAHMA MOSQUE Liverpool and BAYT AL QAIM ISLAMIC CENTRE Bradford and Lantern Academy was awarded. 

Lantern Academy caters for over 400 students from Monday to Saturdays with character building activities, national and international trips, GCSE, high school and primary school tuition classes, Islamic studies and Arabic classes too. Over School holidays they carry out a variety of retreats for children as well as suitable workshop for teenagers such as carving your teen identity, embracing puberty and much more. 

Mohammed Shahid, Head of Lantern Academy who has been serving as the Head for the past 13 years said, “I am proud of Lantern Academy, it’s an honour to win once again, 3 years is a row is such a huge achievement, the awards evening was a great opportunity to meet other professionals, I had mixed emotions, from tearing up, to surprised and nervous. I would never have thought we’d win again! This award is dedicated to my hard working team who have made Lantern the academy it is today, not forgetting our students who complete the family. Without our students we would not be where we are, their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication is the reason Lantern is an Award winning academy.”

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