Heartwarming Christmas Campaigns Reflect John Lewis Commitment to Storytelling and Inclusivity

Heartwarming Christmas Campaigns Reflect John Lewis Commitment to Storytelling and Inclusivity

John Lewis‘ new Christmas campaign, “Snapper, the Perfect Tree,” celebrates the joy of old and new festive traditions. The campaign, created by Saatchi and Saatchi, captures a new spirit of Christmas and is inspired by the enduring and changing ways the nation now celebrates.

The campaign focuses on a young boy who lovingly nurtures a plant from seed, believing he is cultivating a perfect Christmas tree. However, the plant quickly grows into a large and energetic Venus flytrap named Snapper. Snapper brings an unexpected twist and joy to Christmas celebrations, and the boy’s family learns to embrace their unconventional “Christmas tree.”

Snapper, The perfect Tree… John Lewis & Partners Christmas Advert 2023. (Video by John Lewis & Partners)

The campaign’s strapline, “Let Your Traditions Grow,” encourages people to embrace the unexpected and unconventional in their Christmas celebrations. It celebrates the diversity of Christmas traditions and the joy that comes from sharing them together.

The campaign also features a new song by legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli, with a proportion of the proceeds going to John Lewis’ charity partners to help care experienced young people and families in need.

How the Campaign Celebrates the Joy of Changing Traditions

The “Snapper, the Perfect Tree” campaign celebrates the joy of changing traditions in a number of ways. First, it shows how the unexpected and unconventional can lead to joyful moments together. Snapper is a unique and unexpected Christmas tree, but he brings the boy’s family together and creates new memories for them.

Second, the campaign shows how people can adapt and evolve their traditions to reflect their changing needs and circumstances. The boy’s family initially rejects Snapper because he is not the perfect Christmas tree they were expecting. However, they eventually learn to embrace him and his unique qualities. This reflects the way that many families are adapting their Christmas traditions to include new members and experiences.

Third, the campaign celebrates the diversity of Christmas traditions. Snapper is a Venus flytrap, a plant that is not typically associated with Christmas. However, the boy’s family accepts him and celebrates him as their Christmas tree. This reflects the way that many families are creating new and inclusive traditions that reflect their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

In contrast, the 2022 John Lewis Christmas campaign took a more poignant approach, shedding light on the experiences of children in care through the advert “The Beginner.” With a focus on kindness and compassion, the advert underscores the significance of supporting vulnerable youth, especially during the holidays. By highlighting the “Building Happier Futures” program and depicting a man’s determination to connect with a child. The 2022 advert effectively fosters empathy and social awareness, urging viewers to consider the impact of small gestures in making a meaningful difference in the lives of marginalized children.

The Beginner, John Lewis & Partners Christmas Advert 2022. (Video by John Lewis & Partners)

Both the 2023 and 2022 John Lewis Christmas adverts reflect the retailer’s commitment to crafting inclusive and impactful advertising. These adverts cater to the multicultural and multi-faith societies of Britain, sending a powerful message of unity that transcends cultural boundaries. By celebrating the diverse essence of the holiday season, these campaigns serve as a reminder of the significance of collective celebration and unity, uniting people from various backgrounds under the festive spirit.

To summarize John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns are a testament to the retailer’s commitment to heartfelt storytelling, inclusivity, and impactful advertising. These campaigns have consistently captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, resonating with their shared values and aspirations. By celebrating the diverse essence of the holiday season and fostering compassion and unity, John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns remind us of the true meaning of the season: love, togetherness, and hope

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