GMP launch new speed camera to tackle anti-social driving in Bury

GMP launch new speed camera to tackle anti-social driving in Bury

Over the past year, Bury has seen a rise in anti-social driving on the streets of Bury which residents in Bury have expressed numerous concerns regarding the increase in car accidents and the rise in anti-social driving on its streets.

Greater Manchester Police met with Bury Council and its Community Safety Partnership and funded a new speed camera in a bid to help tackle the rise in speeding vehicles across Bury’s road network.

GMP’s local officers are now able to use the speed camera across road networks in Bury and at a location highlighted by the council and local community as an area of concern.

The new speed camera was officially launched by GMP’s Chief Superintendent Chris Hill for Bury along with councillors from Bury Council on Friday 2nd December.

Councillor Alan Quinn, Bury Council’s cabinet member for the environment, climate change and operations, said: “Speeding cars are among the biggest concerns of communities in Bury.

“Even though enforcement is a police matter, we are more than happy to help our colleagues in GMP with the purchase of the speed camera, which I’m sure will be welcomed by our residents.”

Chief Superintendent Chris Hill of GMP Bury’s district said: “This speed camera hopefully is a reminder to the community across Bury and Greater Manchester, that we do listen to your concerns and if you report your concerns to us, we will act. It is a perfect example of ‘you said, we did’. It will also ensure drivers adhere to road speeds and do not engage in anti-social or careless driving.

“Speeds limits are in place for a reason and not only do excessive speeds increase the chances of driver error and time it takes for a vehicle to stop, but higher speeds also increase the fatality of pedestrians who may be involved in a collision with that vehicle.

“I would like to thank Bury Council and Community Safety Partnership for continuing to work with GMP in Bury to help tackle these issues which the community report to us. Without their efforts and funding, this wouldn’t have been possible.

“Of course, this is just one step towards tackling speeding and anti-social driving in Bury and we will continue to work with Bury Council and our community safety partnership to enforce more ways of keeping the people of Bury safe.

“GMP will not allow the safety of our roads to be compromised by dangerous drivers, and appropriate against will always be taken against these offences.”

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