Gift of Pencils Welcomed by Rochdale Primary School Kids

Gift of Pencils Welcomed by Rochdale Primary School Kids

Primary school children in Rochdale have welcomed a gift of pencils from two Rochdale Labour Councillors.

Faisal Rana and his wife Iram Faisal, who both represent Spotland and Falinge ward on the Borough Council, have donated the 700 pencils to Spotland Primary School. It means that every one of the nearly 500 pupils in the school can have at least one new pencil each to use.

Cllr Rana said: “We are very happy to donate these soft pencils as a gift to Spotland Primary school in my ward. The pencils were given to me and Iram by one of our family members, who are involved in an online retail business. Pencils are graphite utensils with a little rubber bit connected to them. This means that as the children learn they can make mistakes without fear because, with a few simple flicks of the wrist, lines can be erased never to be seen again.”

Cllr Iram explained: “The pencil is today such an integral part of everyone’s routine lives that often we take them for granted and do not even give them much notice. But it was once said that the pen is mightier than the sword.  For children, though, a pencil can be the mightiest instrument of all.”

Mrs. Suzanne Cassidy, the headteacher at Spotland Primary, said: “These will be most useful for our pupils, and will help them with all their super writing!” Some of the children from Key Stage 2 met with the Councillors to receive the gift.

Spotland Primary School has always valued its close relationship with pupils, parents and carers. Effective communication has always been key to the education it provides. The school has been serving pupils from the surrounding area since the newly built institution first opened its doors on November 4th 1895.”

The pencil has become the go-to medium for so many people, particularly artists and architects, when they start a new project.  It is often forgotten that before the invention of a wood cased pencil with an attached eraser in 1858 by Hymen Lipman, things could not be achieved quite as easily.

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