‘Forty at Forty’, Director’s search to find 39 other women born on exact day

‘Forty at Forty’, Director’s search to find 39 other women born on exact day

Rachel Rachel Tracy who is a Documentary Director is directing a passion project about turning 40 and have launched a nationwide search to find 39 other women born on the exact same day. She said “I am really keen to hear from Asian women who were born 27 April 1982. I’d love to tell them more about the project and answer any questions they might have. Having a chat with me wouldn’t mean they were committing to being filmed.

The film is called ‘Forty at Forty’ and follows me as I go in search of 39 women who, like me, will be turning 40 on 27 April 2022. As a newly-single mother-of-one, experiencing personal and professional self-doubt, I began to wonder how other women my age felt – and by that I mean exactly my age. The film is an opportunity to hear from women, all over the country, about what life is like for them and to follow them in the run up to our 40th birthday next year. At the end of it, I will bring together all 40 ‘birthday twins’ for a joint party” – https://racheltracy.co.uk/single-films/forty-at-forty/

Rachel went on to say “I’ve started to film with several ‘birthday twins’ already and the stories which are unfolding are fascinating. I’ve been privileged to have been granted access to film these women in the most intimate of situations, both happy and sad – finding love, battling the dating scene, finding out they’re pregnant, learning they’ve had a miscarriage, ending up in hospital, moving home and struggling with mental health. It’s so important to me that the film includes different cultural perspectives”.

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