Charity Golf Open event raised over £1800 for S & J Mian Trust UK

Charity Golf Open event raised over £1800 for S & J Mian Trust UK

The North Manchester Golf Club was the venue for the annual charity golf open that took place on 18th July 2021.

The annual event, which was cancelled last year due to covid, once again attracted a range of golf enthusiasts for the 2 competitions.

The charity event went onto raise £1860 for S & J Mian Trust UK. The S & J Mian Trust UK has been helping the poor & needy in Pakistan since its inception in 2017. Pakistan is amongst the poorest nations of the world. The trust has been working fervently to aid individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis.

The established team of local volunteers and personnel work at ground level is in place to seek out and investigate the circumstances of families suffering hardship. Once a need has been highlighted, a scheme of assistance is initiated. In the majority of cases, aid is given in the form of helping the families / Individuals set up a small business or venture that will allow them in time to become self-sufficient.

Examples of these small business ventures include setting up small shops at home, mobile trollies selling food, sewing machines for those interested in tailoring, provision of a rickshaw etc.

Individuals are asked to give their input into what business venture they would like to develop, and the trust then provides the materials and equipment for the business to get started.

Presently teams working at ground level are established in the following areas: Lahore, Harunabad, Sialkot, Okara & Gujranwala.

The hope is to expand into other towns and cities. Over the last 4 years, S & J Mian Trust UK has helped over 350 individuals & families with assistance to overcome hardship.

Recently the trust had also helped a small number of children access education by helping with fees & tuition. Again, the aim is to extend this further so that more children can benefit. This will hopefully open up more opportunities in securing a better level of employment as they grow older so that they can support themselves and their families.

S & J Mian Trust UK runs on charitable donations and the funds raised by the annual golf competition are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Mr Naeem from Street Cars Manchester for sponsoring the competition and providing the prizes and trophies for the winners.

A big thank you also goes to International Chippy (Rochdale) for provision of refreshments and Worldwide Cash & Carry for the main event meal.

An extended thank you goes to all the participants who took part in the Golf competition, a huge congratulations to the following winners & runner -ups:

The results for the competition:

Categories 1 to 12: The winner was Mohammed Tahir and the runner-up was Nadeem Anwar.

The next category from 12-28: The winner was Tahir Zia and the runner up was Ali Ahmed. If you are interested in the work carried out by the S & J Mian Trust and would like to donate to the trust, please contact Mr T Mahmood on:  07468 469 761.

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