Non-Muslims Fast During Islamic Holy Month


One Voice is inviting non-Muslims to fast for a day in a community cohesion initiative.
‘I’m not a Muslim but I will fast (for one day),’ is now in its 7th year, with members of the public, officials from major local organisations from the public and private sector, and One Voice members taking part.
The project won an Excellence award in the marketing section of the national Inclusive Companies Awards in 2018. It has featured over 1000 participants since its launch.
Ramadan is the holy Islamic month where Muslims forgo food and water between sunrise and sunset. A third of the population of Blackburn and Darwen is made up of the Muslim community. This year Ramadan in the UK consists of a 16 and a half hour fast approximately.
This year the project started on 13h April, and will conclude on 11th May 2021. We would like you to select a day when you and your colleagues would be willing to ‘fast for a day’.
I’m Not a Muslim but I will Fast for One Day is a community cohesion initiative. Over 100 people have signed up to take part in the fast, including members of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Pleckgate High School, Lancashire Mind, East Lancashire Hospitals Trust and many members of the public.
Chris Seddon who took part on the first day of the fast said,
‘Ramadan is such an important time for so many of my friends and neighbours that it’s good to share the experience if only for one day. This year we’ve had so many days of isolation it’s good to be involved, I’m sharing a day with so many other people, appreciating all we have. Then, all breaking the fast at the same time. Ramadan Mubarak.’
Amy Sheehan, from Lancashire Mind, also took part in the fast project,
“I am taking part for two reasons. Firstly, I have many Muslim friends who I see fasting every year. Although I have always respected them for their faith and resilience, I wanted to take this opportunity to experience what they do on a smaller scale to have a greater understanding.
Secondly, as a manager, I have had many Muslim colleagues over the years and wish to have greater empathy for the difficulties they must face at work during Ramadan so I can be a better employer and ensure a supportive and safe environment for them during this sacred time.”
Abrar Hussain, Chairman of One Voice spoke about the community cohesion project.
“Ramadan is the time of year when the Muslim community take time to reflect on their lives and their spirituality. This project started with a few people fasting as non-Muslims. This year, despite the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19, a huge number of people are taking part from the safety of their home. This is a testament to the resounding unity in Blackburn and Darwen.”




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