Snow better time to look for love than the New Year

The ‘Big Freeze’ may have brought the country to a standstill but it isn’t bad news for everyone, especially those looking for their ideal marriage partner.
Matrimonial website has discovered a direct link between wintry weather conditions and increased usage of their service.
During the heavy snow, experienced in the UK, the number of visitors to the website was an astonishing forty percent higher. This combined with the seasonal increase in site usage around the New Year period means the service is twice as busy as usual.’s Managing Director, Adeem Younis, commented: “When we look at recent user numbers, the pattern suggests a direct relationship between bad weather and the volume of traffic to our website. It makes sense that, when it snows, many people stay at home, freeing up time for other pursuits.”
As the UK and USA (East Cost) continue to experience heavy snow and freezing temperatures during this holiday period, statistics suggest that visits to the site remain significantly higher with usage within both Yorkshire, UK and New York, USA up by over sixty percent.
“All this disruption to the normal routine is great news for people who want to invest time in searching for their perfect match,” said Adeem. “There’s something special about being warm and cosy inside on a snowy day, and it could also be the case that the weather has inspired more new users to sign up in search of someone to share those moments with.”


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