Halal counters at Asda – shop under one roof for all your Ramadan needs


With over 45 varieties of certified Halal meats, this Ramadan Asda is your one stop shop for all your Iftari essentials. We at Asda understand that it’s not just about the kebabs, the kadhai chicken or that occasional biryani but it’s about serving excellent quality meat to your family during Iftari. Especially during Ramadan, we know that customers look for more choice and variety in the Halal meat section.
Asda is always committed to understanding what the community needs and are therefore offering halal certified counters in store to provide quality halal meats at an affordable price.
With similar sense of responsibility towards serving the community; Haji baba – a Halal meat supplier in selected Asda stores has been committed to supplying quality Halal meat products for over forty years. Their partnership with Asda in 2008 was a concerted effort to give customers the ability to shop for all their needs under one roof.
Mum of two Fatima Kajijee told us that having a store where she can shop for all her Ramadan meals in one place has made life easier. She said: “Earlier I would go to my local butcher for meats and then head off to the supermarket for the rest of my shopping. But with supermarkets like Asda opening halal counters it has made life easier.”
With a variety of over 40 different kinds of cuts and pre-marinade meats, Asda has something for everyone. Expanding on their range; Nisar Malik from Haji Baba said: “We offer around 40-45 different kinds of products – right from chicken breast, cubes, legs to lamb, burgers, sausages, marinated meats, beef, keema, steak. We have started serving mixed kebab mince – which is premixed with all the masalas, ready to grill or fry.”
With the wide range, available at selected Asda stores and certified Halal meats from Asda Halal counters, there is something for everyone in the family for all the 30 days of Ramadan available at Asda at great prices.



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