Making someone happy, is my priority

This year Al Khair Foundation staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to respond to the needs of families’ right here in the UK. Imran Musa – Regional Manager stated: “We are only able to carry out our work due to the commitment and effort of our incredible volunteers”.
“Working at Al-Khair Foundation has definitely changed my perception of what an NGO charity does, both personally and spiritually. I’ve felt a sense of gratefulness for what I have been blessed with. It relieves me from the guilt of having to turn a blind eye towards another’s circumstances and taught me how not to be judgmental towards their hardship.
“Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the unemployment rate has significantly risen and so the workload has been doubling and doubling. That’s a challenge in itself because there is lack of funding & resourcing within the community, and services are stretched. But I also found many positives, such as developing my teamwork, IT and administrative skills and it also gave me the chance to meet people and be socially active during these times.
I’m truly enjoying my time volunteering to help the neediest as, for me, making someone happy is a priority. In turn I feel happy, so I always feel privileged when asked to help volunteer said.”
(For further information on opportunities to volunteer please contact us directly on: 03000 999786 or visit:


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