Ms Hera Hussain made BEM for services to charity

Thirty years old Hera Hussain from Manchester is the founder and CEO of Chayn, a global organisation that uses innovative digital tools to survivors of gender based violence.
Hera was born in Glasgow and grew up in Pakistan, before returning to the city for university.
Inspired by the experience of helping friends in Pakistan and the UK escape abusive marriages, her initiative shares information about online safety, identifying manipulative behaviour, collecting legal evidence violence and supporting survivors’ mental health and wellbeing.
Run by an army of 400 volunteers from 15 countries, many of whom have experienced abuse themselves, services are available in nine different languages and there are bespoke sites for India, Pakistan, and Italy.
She has been commended for providing vital support and information to hundreds of thousands of women across the world experiencing gender based violence and for using her digital expertise to find innovative solutions to reach out to those who are vulnerable, especially people of colour.


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